"High Score!"
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"High Score!"

"High Score!"
"On the Fence"
"Levi and Minou"
"Rodeo Boy"
"The Watch"
"Bucket Seat"
"The Gate Keeper"
"Left Behind IV"
"Left Behind III"
"Left Behind II"
"Left Behind I"
"The Grey"
"Roan "
"Coastal Cliffs"
"Goat and Donkey"
"Bare Tree "
"Sunning Cat"
"Roan Horse"
"Juniper Bush"
"Lemon in White Bowl"
"Good Ride, Great Chaps"
"The Canyon Edge"
"Make Lemonade"
"Buzz in the Morning Light"
"Small Pears"
"Very Ripe"
"Pear and a Half"
"Fancy Delicious"
"Two Oranges"
"Make Lemonade"
"Two Delicious"
"Four Pears"
"Three Pears"
"Fat Cat"
"Sunlit Cat"
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